Best qualification and further training are most important for CheckWell and are basis to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio.

The business manager of CheckWell, Mag. Karin Pargfrieder graduated in business informatics at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. She also took a 4-term course at HTL I in Linz, Goethestraße to become a qualified graphic designer. Since 2010 she is also certified as professional photographer, and 2017/18 she completed further training as certified childrens health trainer with specialization media education and similar courses (instructor for parent-child and small children gymnastics, babysitter, first aid, instructor for adult gymnastics, communication seminars etc.).

After five years of professional experience in software engineering and IT-organization as well as having worked in several advertising agencies during summer, she founded CheckWell in 2008. The areas of activity initially were graphic design and the publication of the CheckWell Guide. Now the company exists more than 10 years and also IT-services are offered.

Reliability, accuracy and promises you can count on are leading principles, and agreed completion dates could always be met so far. Awareness about the necessity of confidence concerning sensitive data of others was already given long before a GDPR.
As creativity does not work in a schedule and and many things depend on external factors, experience has shown that it is important not to spend too much work on detailled project plans but instead focus on the actual progress. This way also large projects could be completed well in time before necessary deadlines.

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